VU TIEN Technology Service Trading Co., Ltd

Founded in 2010, Vu Tien has been supplying comprehensive ELV (Extra Low Voltage System)& Security Solutions for households, factories, offices, showrooms, and buildings …

Our staff is a team of enthusiastic engineers and well-trained technicians working in a professional modern environment with Japanese experts.

With reliable services and innovative products as well as experienced and dedicated engineers, Vu Tien is confident to exceed any requirements and expectations of the clients in a professional and affordable manner.


“To create a more secure and honest society by providing ELV systems and security solutions.”


“We function on the principle of 12 core values to ensure that all of our customers receive maximum benefits and their expectations are met We cooperate with competitive and trusted partners. Our business is technology-based. Honesty is our top priority in developing people. Our products are of high quality, high efficiency and good value for money. Our customers, from small, medium to large enterprises, come to us to experience comprehensive security solutions.”



I am committed to Vu Tien’s vision, mission, values and success to the customers and its people now and in the future. I am committed to never giving up and making continuous effort to deliver quality and value-for-money services to the customers. I always give priority to our products and services over others.


I live my life with constant gratitude. I explicitly express my appreciation and gratitude towards everything I get and everyone I meet. I celebrate my success as well as the success of my customers and the team. I regularly remind myself and others of doing the right things.


I am fully responsible for all of my actions and results in work and life. I am responsible for my performance and consciously changing myself before anything can be changed.


I dedicate my heart and soul to the outcomes of my job. I am ready to win and willing to help others win with a win-win mindset. I intrinsically demonstrate self-esteem, success, competence and confidence. I am a successful person.


Being good is not satisfactory enough. I always stretch myself to deliver outstanding and excellent products and services to our stakeholders. I keep making an effort to achieve greater efficiency with less investment; and consistently improving and innovating our products as well as adopting the latest technology.


I support a work-life balance approach. Spiritual, social, physical and family life are as important to me as finance and knowledge. I get the most important tasks at work completed effectively in order to have quality time with my family and invest in myself. Our staff values justice in life, and shows respect towards the property of others, and customers.


I am a member of the team and also play a role as a leader. I bring the team together and motivate them towards the common goals. I focus on cooperation and solutions instead of compromises and excuses. I am flexible at work and can adjust if – things do not work. I am willing and courageous to ask for help and sympathize with those in need.


I always use the system to work out the solutions. In case of problems arising, I
resort to the system before getting support from the team. I prefer system solutions to HR solutions in solving problems. I comply with the current system properly until a new system is introduced. I proactively suggest system innovative ideas if applicable.


I keep consistency in my actions and behaviours, which make my team and customers feel comfortable working with me. I am compliant and disciplined at work so that I can always achieve results, development and success.


I take my life as a journey to enjoy and cherish. I create a joyful and happy environment so that everyone can enjoy it too.


I communicate positively with my team and customers. I communicate with good intentions through positive and impactful dialogues. I never attend to any sarcasm, gossip. I am committed to telling the truth, taking charge of the responses from others. I call them by names to show politeness when I meet people. I consciously admit and apologize for my mistakes, and persist in exploring possible solutions. I only discuss personal issues with those involved.


I always tell the truth and walk the talk. I only offer a commitment to myself and others when I am ready or have a plan for it. I do not delay to alert everyone of potential risks and unexpected situations and work out the alternatives immediately.