Consulting & Maintenance

Why do you need maintenance and repair services?

  • CCTV, telephone, assess control, time and attendance, alarms, network and sound systems at factories, companies and households are often used for a long time under severe environmental conditions and the external factors. This may negatively affect their usability and stability compared to a newly installed system. So maintenance and repair are essentially required to ensure the system functions properly.
  • Our commitment for system maintenance and repair service.
  • Ensure continuous operation without interruption: In case of equipment failure, Vu Tien will lend equivalent equipment for temporary use during repair period.
  • One-To-One Replacement Warranty in 1 year is applied for Vu Tien’s equipment.

Benefits of maintenance and repair service at Vu Tien

  • Stabilize system performance.
  • Extend system lifespan.
  • Detect system failures early.
  • Optimize system operation.
  • Install the software and update to new versions.
  • Ensure confidentiality.

Upgrade from old analog camera system to HD and Full HD standards

  • Your analog camera system (running coaxial cable) have been installed 2 ~ 3 years?
  • The system is degrading?
  • The camera image is not clear?
  • You really do not like it?
  • Do you want to upgrade the old system but still ensure maximum cost savings?

“Now with AHD technology, HDCVI technology, TVI technology provides HD and Full HD images on low cost coaxial cable lines that can fully meet your requirements. AHD, HDCVI, TVI can run by Analog infrastructure installed from previous years.”